Mobile Carbon Dioxide Extinguishers (9 kg)

Ideal Use: Chemical manufacturing plant, oil rigs, rail yards, warehouses, construction sites, parking garages, airport, boat and docks, and large laboratories.

  • Cylinders are made of seamless carbon-manganese pipes Which have high mechanical properties.
  • Cylinder designed to withstand high pressure and tested at 250 bar.
  • High-grade brass head valve ensures reliability and optimises efficiency.
  • Head valves are either lever operated or rotary operated.
  • Unbreakable rising pipe made of aluminium to ensure long Lasting life.
  • High Gloss polyester powder painted UV stabilized after shotblasting ensures corrosion resistance under extreme condition.
  • Safety valve is fitted in each extinguisher for maximum safety.
  • Discharge nozzle designed to produce a jet of extinguishing gas.


Model BTC10 BTC30 BTC45
Extinguisher Capacity 9 Kg 30 Kg 45 Kg
Fire Rating 70B 113B 144B
Test Pressure 250 Bar
Total Weight 43Kg 83Kg 125Kg
of Discharge
4-5m 4-5m 4-5m
of Discharge
25Sec 70Sec 100Sec
Hose Length
with Horn
2m 5m 7m
Operating Temperature -20°C to +60°C

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